Tranquil Blue Mountains in New South Wales , Australia


Blue Mountains is an easy weekend getaway about two hours from Sydney  and is a perfect way to relax over a quiet weekend amidst vast mountains , valleys and waterfalls

Leura Station Blue Mountains

Getting down the train at the lovely little town of Leura

Blue Mountain Observatory cottage

And then on to our cottage which also has a small observatory

Sunset from Blue Mountain Observatory cottage

Colours of the sky as dusk sets in

 Milky way from Blue Mountain Observatory cottage

Looking at the outer edge of our galaxy from the inside. A perfect place to see a star studded night sky . This is a shot at a moonless midnight just outside of the cottage in a cold but clear night with several trials, tripod and an auto shutter release. Glad as this is my first shot of our galaxy - the milky way. Composition could have been much better with horizon but the band was right overhead.

Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains

Was up early next morning and headed to Wentworth falls . The water falls deep, about a hundred meters on the first fall and then further second drop. Climbing down to the first drop is easier but to get to the bottom of the second drop you have to be very adventurous as this is a seriously steep climb down. ( and therefore up too ). Notice to the right of the falls, there are two cliffs cut away. These have railings for you to stand and admire the beauty of the Jamison valley below

Weeping falls Wentworth Blue mountains

One of the cascades of Wentworth called weeping falls ( Probably called so because of the streaks of water falling down to the right as though one is weeping )

Wentworth falls cascade

Another beautiful cascade right at the top of Wentworth falls. This is at the edge of the fall . Right behind me from where this is shot, it is a hundred meter drop

Three sisters from Echo point Blue mountains

The three sisters and Jamison valley in the backdrop. Looking from Echo point.

Jamison Valley

Jamison Valley

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