The Desert Land of Liquid Gold – Qatar


The desert land of liquid gold - Qatar

The story of Qatar is about the world's third largest Oil and Natural Gas reserves. But its also a story of a changing country vying to be one of the worlds best sporting destinations. Its also a place that never stops to amaze you with sights such as a totally veiled lady in a black burka driving a hummer !


Our tour of Qatar starts in Doha , the capital city - at MIA Park which is a lush green and beautiful open space in the heart of the city.


The skyline of Doha appears as you walk along the promenade and the buildings are reminiscent of classic Islamic architecture.


The true grandeur of the skyline is more apparent as the light dims into the darkness of the evening.


The museum of Islamic Art on the promenade.


Next morning is another bright and comfortable winter day in Doha and we head to Aspire Park. The park is Doha's largest and was built around a sporting zone with stadiums and facilities. The torch (above ) was lit as part of the Asian games held in Doha back in 2006.

001-5 A fountain bridge - one is sure to get a bit wet walking across it but its a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.


The parallel of the Palm of Dubai is the Pearl of Qatar. Here inside the Pearl Qatar shopping mall. Exquisite and the glamorous interiors of the Pearl Qatar.


Next we head to what is one of the most attractive areas of Doha - The Souq Waqif ( meaning Standing Market ) This is a traditional qatari market famous for handicrafts, gold, pet brids, souvenirs and numerous restaurants which serve "Sheeshas" or "Hookas". The best time to visit the Souq is in the evenings but be prepared to struggle a bit to be able to park your vehicle.


The glass work displayed in the shops is exquisite and very traditional.


Nearby Souq Waqif is also a unique place with a series of shops with everyone of them having one of two locals sitting on benches like this just outside the entrance of the shops.


What is inside these shops will amaze you. One of the fastest moving creatures on earth known to dive from the sky at speeds of around three hundred kilometers an hours, birds of prey which kill with their beaks - Rows of Falcons for sale.


Inside the Souq - a local porter going about doing his business in the bustling market.


Time to head out of Doha to explore more of Qatar. We drive to Sealine Beach resort south of Doha through the town of Masaieed . We cross massive sand dunes which are spots of adventure and overnight camping in tents.


We pass by massive refineries and factories. One of many see above here is a natural gas liquification plant.


Highway towards our destination with sand dunes on either side. Driving across these highways , we realize the frenzy of construction happening in Qatar . It feels like a city and a country expanding and building its infrastructure at a rapid pace - more highways, ports and townships. Its like Qatar is the construction capital of the world !


The beautiful evening at Sealine Beach Resort. One of the best parts of the resort are the private villas which have parking space, three spacious and beautifully decorated rooms, large green yards leading onto the beach .


This is the yard right in front of our villa - our own little private beach soaking in a beautiful sun rise the next morning. As we breath in the fresh morning air, we look across the Persian gulf straight ahead towards Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


Soon the sun filled the sky with an orange glow as it was time for us to head back to Doha and then back to continue our journey discovering the gulf. now heading towards Dubai and Abu Dhabi.




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