Cliffs and pristine beaches of the Great Ocean Road, Australia


Great Ocean Road  is around two hundred and fifty kilometers of coastal road along rugged limestone cliffs in south coast of Victoria . For those who like to drive along all day stopping by at stunning lookouts , this is one of the best places in the world

Great Ocean Road Drive

Somewhere along the great ocean road, a woman procrastinates looking onto the infinite coastline

Cape Otway Lighthouse

Otway Lighthouse - Australia's oldest operating lighthouse; it has seen eight shipwrecks in the treacherous sea below

Great Ocean Road scenic spots

Turquoise blue sea

Bells Beach Torquay

Bell's beach

Gibsons Steps from Twelve Apostles

Looking east of twelve apostles

London Bridge Great Ocean Road

London's bridge - battered by powerful waves, a piece of land ( London'd bridge ) collapsed giving rise to the island

Waves crashing Great Ocean Road

The land continously under attack

Loch ard Gorge at Great Ocean Road

Lock Ard Gorge

Razorback at Great Ocean Road

The Razorback

View from the Gibson steps Great Ocean Road

One of the best places to step down the cliffs - Gibson steps

Gibson Steps beach

Pristine beach at Gibson steps

Gibson Steps Beach

Walk along beach at Gibson's steps

Twelve Apostles Viewing Point

Twelve Apostles - Continuously battered by the ocean, there are less than twelve remaining now


The one hour drive from Twelve Apostles to Lady Bay resort Warrnambool is quite a drive . Absolutely no one around, no cars ahead of you or passing by or following you, pitch dark barren horizons on either side and only your headlights lighting up the two parallel straight lines till infinity. You are kept alert by roadsigns that caution you from crossing kangaroos. The last thing you want to do is hit them. There is a phenomenon you should be aware of specially when driving in cold winter nights here. There is mist and fog in the air upto a height of about a meter on the road. As you drive through the fog, you feel like you lose orientation , kind of like floating in the clouds , some sort of hallucination. Beware.

Sunrise from Lady Bay Resort, Warrnambool

Sunrise from Lady Bay Resort, Warrnambool

Sun rise on a beautiful morning at Warrnambool. A pit stop over night at the LadyBay resort and its time to head north to Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park

Almost there - Entering Grampians National Park

The Balconies at Reed's Lookout

The Balconies at Reed lookout at Grampians National Park

MacKenzie falls at Grampians

An exhausting steep climb down and up to get to the base of MacKenzie falls, but absolutely worth it

Boroka lookout at Grampians

Boroka lookout

Kangaroos in the wild at Grampians

Curious Kangaroos

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