Devil’s Peak , Hong Kong


One of Hongkong's best sunset photography lookout points , with the open waters of South China sea on one side and the waters of the Victoria Harbour flowing through in between Hong Kong and Kowloon on the other, it offers a magnificent view with the city lights and a stunning sunset in the backdrop.



The smartest way to do this hike with minimum difficulty is if you can enter through Ocean Shores private road ( O King Road ) . If you take this route, there is another lookout point on way through the Chinese cemetery of the open waters of South China sea with the cemetery all around covering that view on either side of the frame.


The view from Devil's peak is unique as one gets a view of the open waters of the South China sea on one side and the Victoria harbour flowing in an S shape between Hongkong Island and Kowloon. At sunset, this glows bright orange and the best time to shoot is when the city lights come on and you still have the bright orange glow of the last few minutes of the sunset.

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On a clear day with a prospect of a glorious sunset you will find several photographers here so make sure you reach early to grab the best spot. We could only manage a spot midway through the final climb. You have to make your way through the bushes to find this spot. Be sure to take a good insect repellent spray, else you will be scratching your legs for the next two days.



The other good spot which gives you a different perspective is on your way down towards YauTong. This is more stunning when city lights are on. Since you will be coming down only after sunset when it becomes very dark , be sure to carry a torch or a mobile phone with a torch light.

And now going back in time , Devil's peak was turned into a military site in 1914 to protect British Hong Kong against intruders from the South China sea. In 1941, this peak saw war as Japanese troops intruded British Hong Kong on the same morning as the Japanese attacked US naval base of Pearl Harbor.




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  1. Stunning pictures! And a very informative article.
    I think it would be very helpful to fellow hikers if you could rate your hiking escapades on a scale of 1 to 5 difficulty level.
    Looking forward to your middle east Escapades!;)

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