Koh Samui : Pearl in the Gulf of Thailand


With its soft beaches, ocean breezes, modern resorts and numerous restaurants, Koh Samui is the perfect place to pamper yourself.

Koh Samui, Thailand’s third largest island, is surrounded by a large number of smaller islands, like Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan. 



 Chaweng is the most popular beach in Koh Samui with white sand and clear water. One of the “must-do” here is idling beside the infinity pool of the hotel.

Koh-Samui-04 Koh-Samui-05

 Apart from various restaurants & bars in Chaweng street, we found our favorite one, on the cliff next to Lat Ko Viewpoint. It is called Dr Frog and you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the ocean.

Koh-Samui-06 Koh-Samui-07
Koh-Samui-10 Koh-Samui-11

Ang Thong (means “golden bassin” ) National Marine Park consists of over 40 small islands with forests, limestone cliffs and emerald lake. Most tourists would join the one day tour to get there, yet one day is not enough for the abundant attractions.

Koh-Samui-12 Koh-Samui-13 Koh-Samui-14 Koh Nang Yuan is another place you definitely can’t miss! It is famous for the double sided white beach which connects three small islands. Strict rules applies such as you can’t bring bottles here and pick up corals or shells as souvenirs, maybe that’s why the water is surprisingly crystal clear.

Koh-Samui-17 Koh-Samui-18 Koh-Samui-19 Koh-Samui-20 Koh-Samui-21 Koh-Samui-22 Koh-Samui-23 Koh-Samui-24 Koh-Samui-26 Koh-Samui-27


Silavadee resort gave us a real hideaway and relaxation in the last few days on Koh Samui. Once checked in, you never wanna step out. We could watch the sunrise from our room and also the sunset from the wooden trestle in the hotel. Besides, the breakfast buffet, infinity pool and roof bar are all beyond expectation !

Guest Blog Post by Chris Yan and Audrey Pi




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