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You have learnt the basics but you know that you are only scratching the surface when it comes to fully leveraging the capabilities of your DLSR. Wished you could capture your travel memories better with stunning images ?

If yes, then this 77 page landscape photography e-book is what you need. We have put together practical lessons learnt from our travel photography here and have explained how we got these results and concepts for over 40 images. This e-book is suitable for those starting to use a DSLR camera and learning some advanced techniques. See the below video to see all the images that we have used in the e-book to explain the results of how we got them

In this e-book you will learn...

What is Rule of Third and what are the best times to shootDevils-Peak-Hong-Kong-0467 How to shoot at night with low or zero light capturing stars and the moonTOP100-0030

How to bring smoothness and warmth to imagesTOP100-9939-2

Composition techniques like drawing viewers into images and patternsTOP100-9561-2How to freeze subjects for motion blur effectPicture17
How to capture High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) images 
Picture14How to zoom into images entering the world of macro photographyPicture16How to create timelapse videos

Post Processing Techniques with Adobe LightroomPicture19

Understand what is Split Toning and how to do itPicture12

Bonuses : Isolating color, capturing splashes by freezing time, shooting under water


Landscape Photography
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Landscape Photography

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What readers of the e-book are saying :

"'Landscape Photography' is an excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their photography skills. The technical concepts have been explained in an illustrative, simple and easy to grasp manner. I found the photographic examples, tips, tricks and techniques very handy and useful. Special focus on advanced photography concepts like night photography, capturing stars, traffic trails, underwater photography, etc is a great plus. These topics are hardly covered in so detail in other book / resources available in the market.  A perfect value for the price. A MUST buy!! Highly recommended!! "  - Ashish