Maldives – Heaven on earth


If there is a heaven on earth , this is it. The island nation offers one of the best beaches and resorts in the world.


Maldives compresses-0040

On south Male atoll at Olhuveli Beach resort. Olhuveli is situated in the middle of the island nation of Maldives. View from the balcony of the water bungalow. The stairs lead to the water.

 Maldives compresses-0615

At peace with nature overlooking the turquoise blue coral reef

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The east side of the island is calm. No waves here, just the shallow coral reef for a mile or two. Baby black tip sharks and sting rays and a multitude of fish inhabit these waters.


Maldives compresses-0508 Maldives compresses-0085 Maldives compresses-0053 TOP100-0157-2

Spent the day at a sand bank - all alone in the middle of no where. We had about fifty meters of the mini island all by ourselves for a day. Incredible feeling of being surrounded by water all around in a tiny bank of sand.

Maldives is among several other nations fighting to save the island from global warming. At this rate , these islands could disappear in about hundred years submerged forever under the rising water.




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