Sunny Stormy : Phuket, Phi Phi Island , Thailand


Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It offers a unique cocktail of relaxation and adventure, Sunny stormy is the story of the two mixes of my cocktail experience of Thailand




 The bells chime with the wind at the Big Buddha in Phuket.


The body is made of with beautiful white Burmese marble and symbolizes hope


On the way down from the hill of the big buddha, I visited the "Bird Paradise"


Macaws from Venezuela, remember Rio ?


and a white cockatoo


Sun Parakeets feeding from your palm


The great hornbill in Coral Island


Snake just outside my room in Coral Island. This is the Golden Tree snake , a snake commonly found in Thailand. These snakes bite fast and they do have venom, but the venom is only toxic to frogs, lizards, and other small animals – not usually humans.


Tiny red coconuts in Coral Island


Coral Island beach


Nai Yang beach , Phuket , before sunset


Highly recommend Indigo Pearl resort in Phuket. Nai Yang beach at dusk. Bliss.


The beautiful pool in Indogo Pearl


On my way to the Phi Phi island resort on a long tail boat


Phi-Phi Island resort


View of Maya Bay from balcony at Phi Phi island resort. I looked forward to visiting Maya Bay where the movie The Beach starring Leonardo Dicaprio was shot.

I looked up at the skies. A massive storm was building up.



Soon the dark clouds enveloped the sun completely. I could not believe my bad luck as this was just before I was to leave for Maya Bay

Thailand-5124Obviously , I decided to wait the storm out . It looked like the storm would cause a very heavy downpour but I hoped it would not last long and it would become sunny soon. It did rain very heavily and Maya Bay soon completely disappeared beyond my view into the dark clouds. After about an hour it cleared up and even became sunny . I hired a long tail boat for Maya Bay.

My inexperience at sea showed when I thought that the sun meant that the sea would also become calm. The boatman was obviously not inexperienced. I paid him all the money I had ( I had brought exact change as the standard charge for Maya Bay trips ). He knew exactly what I was signing up for. He did not warn me as it meant business  for him even on a stormy day. We set out and he concentrated on navigating the rudder and motor of the long tail boat as we sailed towards Maya Bay. We made our way past one side of the phi phi island. As we got to the open seas between the coast of Phi Phi and the shores of Maya Bay, the sea got rougher. I looked back at the boatman and he hand gestured to me showing swaying of the boat because of rough waves and cautioned me to hold onto something. The boat swayed up the crests and then crashed onto the troughs. It felt like this is where my life would end - in the middle of that deep black sea. I thought about my name being on the local newspapers and as one more addition in the history books to the long list of people drowned at sea.

The ordeal continued for at least fifteen minutes as it was difficult to navigate over the waves and the boat could only go as fast as the waves would take it. Finally we entered the area of the water blocked by the huge cliffs of Maya bay and the waves subsided. I was very relieved and looked back at the boatman and had mixed feelings. Of course he knew this is how the seas would be after the storm but he did not warn me. But at the same time I admired his expert navigational skills. If it were'nt for him, I may not have made it .


We finally entered a calm inlet of water ( shown in the image above). It was a beautiful place surrounded by cliffs all around. I could not resist diving into the water as it was serene and green

Then I got back into the boat and we started approaching the turn towards the other side of the island towards Maya bay but the waves got rough again . "No go, Cannot" - the boatman said vigorously shaking his hand at me again indicating the swaying of the boat. Instead , he quickly entered another inlet .


Then he indicated to me an area about twenty meters ahead and pointed at a net submerged in water. I realized he was pointing me to the only way to go to Maya bay. The only way was to swim and then reach and climb up the net which was an entry point to May bay from the other side. I looked at the waves. Although we were in a small inlet, the waves were thrashing against the cliff as if in anger. I was contemplating whether to jump into the water when he told me something which completely ruined my hopes of making it. "Maya Bay entry fee, four hundred Baht" - he said. I looked at him and did not know how to react. Obviously I had no cash left and even if I had, there was no point diving into the water with cash !

Well that was the sad , but in some ways hilarious and adventurous story of this escapade. We made our way back through the same way to Phi Phi island. I again experienced the scare of the turbulent waves but thanks to the expert navigational skills slowly but surely we made it back to the shore. So there it was, Maya bay will have to wait till next time. Better prepared , next time.

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