What is it about

Imagine Escapades is a place for travel enthusiasts who are passionate about travelling, nature, photography, reading and writing. For those who are not into any one of these, we hope by experiencing imagine escapades, you will be inspired and interested. We hope to bring our travel escapades to life through photography and writing about what we experienced. We believe that in one’s lifetime everyone can and should travel and explore our planet !

Who are we
We are based in the city of Hong Kong. We love landscape photography and travel at every opportunity.

What is next
Imagine Escapades is currently in beta mode where we are improving the experience by feedback of a set of supporters who have given a thumbs up to our idea. There are loads of things coming up expanding its current state to a unique value for its visitors. Stay tuned for more. For any questions or comments please write back to us or visit our social followers for more

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